Cleaning a mobile phone display or a laptop screen

May 17th, 2017 Posted by Laptop Screens, Tablets and Mobil Phone Displays No Comment yet

What do a mobile phone, a laptop screen and a pair of glasses have in common? Cutting-edge technology? Definitely! 3D perspective? Maybe soon! We’re talking more along the lines of them being our constant companions and permanently used.

This obviously leaves traces, like fingerprints, dust and dirt on each surface.

No more smeared displays or dirty screens
How many times have you been annoyed by a smeared laptop screen or a dirty smartphone display? Most of the time people use their shirts, trousers or even kitchen roll to clean these displays. But all of these devices have highly sensitive surfaces and should be handled and cleaned carefully, in order to avoid serious scratches or other consequences.

Berger-Wipes: Perfect cleaning for your mobile phone and your laptop screen
So if you want to clean your highly sensitive cell phone display or your laptop screen – you should try Berger Wipes. By using these pre-moistened microfibre tissues, you are able to prevent irreparable scratches while cleaning your devices in a gentle and effective way. Berger Wipes are free from aggressive cleaning substances, ensuring no adverse effects to any sensitive surface. You can also try these cloths on any other optical devices such as camera lenses, car mirrors and other reflective lenses. Each tissue is individually wrapped, so you can deposit a tissue basically everywhere: in your jacket, in the car or in your wallet. Test our quality and see it clearly!

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