How to clean glasses or sunglasses?

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Everybody who wears glasses or sunglasses knows the problem: fingerprints, dirt or dust on the lenses. So how do you get an instant streak-free view, without damaging the surface of your lenses?

T-Shirts are not made for cleaning glasses
The most common way of cleaning glasses is still the old t-shirt trick. But does this really eliminate dirt from lenses, or just blur it? Well, we think you know the answer! Shirts are not made for any cleaning purposes, especially not for cleaning highly sensitive surfaces like lenses. You can damage your lenses, if you use a dry shirt or make the visibility even worse if the shirt itself is dirty.

Kitchen-Paper can cause scratches
At home or in the office, another common way of cleaning glasses is with warm water and a dash of dish soap, with a dry down using kitchen – or toilet paper. That´s a cheap and easy way of cleaning your spectacles, but is it recommended? The answer is no! This way of cleaning dates back to a time in which the glasses were actually made out of glass and had no effects on the material. Today’s plastic lenses are more sensitive, so that kitchen or toilet paper may cause scratches on your sensitive glasses.

Microfiber cloth should be 100% clean
A good and cheap way to clean your glasses is with clear water, a little bit of dish soap then drying with a thin, lint-free microfibre cloth. The only problem is finding microfibre cloth that is dirt or dust free. Otherwise the microfibre cloth will not clean your spectacles, rather leaving you with streaks on your lenses.

Berger Wipes offers the best cleaning results for all your eyeglasses and sunglasses
As spectacle wearers ourselves, we know how important a stain-free view is!
If you want to want to clean your glasses with a quality product that is effective, practical and creates an instant and absolute streak-free view, then you should try Berger Wipes.
Our microfibre tissues are pre-moistened for gentle, anti-smear cleaning for all types of eyeglasses or sunglasses.
The special formula is free from aggressive cleaning substances, ensuring no adverse effects. You can also try Berger Wipes on any range of optical devices such as cameras, mobile phones, laptop screens, car mirrors and other reflective lenses.

Each tissue is individually wrapped and comes in a boxes of 50. Simply deposit a few wipes in your jacket, in the car or in your wallet, for clear vision every time you need it. Simply try them – you will love them!

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