Why mobile phones are full of bacteria?

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No other device is as often in our hands as our mobile phone. What many do not know: They are full of bacteria. How to keep your mobile phone, laptop keyboard, or remote control clean, we’ll tell you in this article.

Recent empirical studies furnish clear evidence, that mobile phones are full of bacteria. Research from the University of Surrey and the University of Berlin documented that some mobile phones have more than 200 germs per square centimeter. On some devices, the disease-carrying bacteria Staphylococcus aureus were also found. Especially for those, who have a weak immune system are at risk of skin inflammation or even lung turgidity. Influenza viruses have also been discovered on the investigated devices such as the keyboard, the remote control or the tablet. The good news is: For healthy people, the found and analyzed germs are usually harmless.

But how do bacteria get onto the mobile phone, tablet, or the keyboard?

Quite simple: Over the banisters at your work, the door handle in the taxi, the shopping cart in the supermarket or the small change in your wallet. In our warm climate and on the warm display the individual bacteria will survive and multiply and land with the next touch, again on our finger. Specially in the small scratches on your mobile device, the bacteria can stay a lot longer and multiply. Unfortunately, an exchange of the protection foil of your smart phone does not protect against the bacteria.

4 tips on how to keep your mobile phone, keyboard or remote control clean:

  • Wash your hands as often as possible, especially after going to the toilet or when you are on the road. Like that, much less bacteria will be on your mobile phone or laptop keyboard.
  • You have your mobile phones up to 200 times a day in your hands. So really you should clean it as often as you can. The research institues recommend that you should clean your mobile phone on a daily basis. You can simply use a Berger Wipes cloth – to clean your smartphone or tablet. Berger Wipes will remove the dirt and bacteria very easily and quickly form your phone or tablet, without causing any scratching.
  • Caution: Never use regular glass cleaners or other strong cleaners on your mobile phones. Because of their hard ingredients, you can quickly damage the surface of your screen.
  • If you want to clean the keyboard of your laptop in the office or at home, you can easily use a Berger Wipes cloth. Clean the keyboard at your office at least every week. At home, you should clean your computer keyboard and screen once every two weeks, like your remote control.
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